50 years of history


With 50 years of company history Aesse is a rare case of business seamless company course, based on a solid and constant growth. Trough the time the company has been able to adapt both is organization as the products offer, in order to comply the changing production and market conditions. Within the clothing business, the company has built a name for serious practices and reliability. Always investing in marketing support for its brands, to put the right light on its products quality and up to date style.


1967: In this year the first artisanal productions make its debut. The company at this time is named A&S, acronym for “craftsmanship & sport”, born as a little workshop for custom fit sport supplies, particularly specialized in football (soccer) custom made shoes and balls, at first for local teams, then spreading to the national level pro players. The actual entrance into the clothing business, starts with teamwear is introduced into the company’s product range: at the beginning of course for football (soccer), then to the, at the time, emerging team sport like basketball and volleyball.

1980: The company expands and competences are diversified. At this stage the company specializes in the mountaineering wear, developed specifically for scientific-sport expeditions: based on these demanding tests, the products are engineered, to be offered to the most demanding consumer.

1985: The company makes the most the acquired know how, developing the very first skiwear collection, under the brand aesse technical equipment®: It is an instant hit. In the same year, the company faces the generation swap, the new (and current) trade name is born: aesse s.r.l.

1988/1995: The company’s brand aesse – technical equipment® acquire a leading position in the skiwear market, visible as uniform of the most prestigious national and international ski schools. Aesse s.r.l. becomes one of the first company to introduce a new generation of performing textiles products into its range of products, e.g. Gore-Tex®, Windstopper® e Polartec®. These are the times of the ski world cup sponsorship, aesse brand is shown as official partner of multiple top notch competition stage (e.g. Wengen, Cortina etc…). In this crucial period, the company targets the sportswear market as its new commercial expansion field: the very first Les Explorateurs Canadiens® capsule collection is born: a limited range of outerwear jackets with the typical Canadian dna. The origin of this project benefit the official endorsement from the Canadian authority, whom approves philosophy and contents, giving also its support trough initial co-marketing joint activities.

2003:  Canadiens® collection grows season after season, till it becomes a complete total look offer, under the urban sportswear spirit. In the same year the Canadiens® Junior collection is introduced: a range including kid, girl and baby, for the “young urban explorer”.

2005/2015: The company strengthens its position Nationwide, along with coverage of the main European markets.

Geographical background

Aesse headquarter has always been linked to its territory and the area where it was established and still today is based the village of Isola della Scala: surrounded by the green “Pianura Padana” (aka Po Valley), close to some spectacular mountains chain: Lessinia highlands, “little Dolomites”, Monte Baldo, but also near the enchanting roman town of Verona.

In the entire Verona district the company’s products and brands are particularly popular, actually the territory is served esclusively trough direct retail shops, whether factory outlets or flagship store layout.

aesse territorio

The vision

In a globalized and standardized market, Aesse philosophy is still based on the attention and artisanal care on making, listening and complete responsibility towards customers and final consumers; cooperation and partnership with the most innovative suppliers. Aesse aim to keep on developing product that “keep what they promise” and can always be complying with long term expectations by the end user.


The brands

The technical origin: Aesse® technical equipment

Born in the 80’s, thanks to the company’s background built in the workwear production, joint to the cooperation with the mountaineering professionals and the estate of the technical fabrics sourcing selection. The output is the introduction of an innovative design products range into the technical leisure market. Originally targeted to alpinism and extreme climate expeditions, then opened to the alpine skiwear, the market in which the brand is nowadays still very popular.

Years after years, the products range evolves, but a series of fundamentals is kept unchanged: serious commitment towards the most exigent end user, research and development of exclusives fabrics solutions, attention in every details and fit tuning, combined with a constant monitoring of the updated trends trough fashion and sport world.

In its search for continuous improvement of the features and style in its product range, Aesse has always positioned at the forefront, particularly by the implementation of the most innovative fabrics solution, among whom:

  • Malden Mills Polar: Aesse has been the very first Italian licensed company, to use this innovative fleece for its famous blousons.
  • W.L. Gore: again Aesse moves to take the first row to apply the then worldwide famous textile products from the US company W.L.GORE, say GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER®

Not only third parties fabrics, thanks to a tight partnership with Italian and foreign textiles producers, have brought to the creation of own branded fabrics ranges e.g . idra-nek® e no-air®, a new generation of waterproof, breathable, stretch long lasting performance fabrics.

logo Canadiens

Canada is the trappers and the explorers, the Indians and the gold seekers.
Canada is ice and water, the blue and the green, the cities and the forests.
Canada is everyday life, from Newfoundland to Quebec, from Nova Scotia to Ontario,
Canada is British and French cultures, yesterday and tomorrow, the origins and the opposites.
Canada is freedom, natural habitat for men and animals, the common quest for quality of life.

Canadiens is the colors inspired from the sky and the landscape, from the ground, the rivers and the cities.
Canadiens is the research of special fabrics, matched with natural materials.
Canadiens is love for the detail, care for the product manufacture.
Canadiens is up to date shaping and styles, melting pot of influences.
Canadiens is being one step ahead.
Canadiens is a way of life expression, being more than possessing , see and wear from a new latitude.

The sportwear evolution: Canadiens®

The move from technical wintersports happen in the mid 90’s, when a first parka jackets capsule permeated with this Canadian spirit, is sucha a blast that it promptly evolves into an indepentent collection; the brand is registred under the endorsment of the Canadian tourism autorithy, with alongside start of co-marketing initiatives.

Urban sportwear, name for quality and reliability: functional and performing fabrics, thanks to the expertise and company’s background; up to date, but versatile fits, carefully developed from the internal product team, to meet and enhance the most every Canadiens’ customer expectation; contemporary style, without excesses, for a piece of clothing that must be long lasting look too. All this deeply inspired from the North America’s purest landscapes. A wide range of styles for a wide range of usage conditions: from the lightest downjackets, available also with ecologic padding (plumenoplume®), to the iconic parkas, keeped updated through a constant development and tuning, like the last #zeropuntotech® editions.

Canadiens® junior

The Canadiens’ little brother, a genuine reproduction in every quality contents of the adult collection: protective materials, resistant details, warm paddings. The style is a perfect replica of mummy and daddy’s jacket, but with all the needed adjustements to make them perfectly suitable to the little explorers: from 6 months to 16 years.